Magical Landscapes

Kortney Y. Watkins

A Personal Confession

Writer, Poet, Educator, Scribe, Storyteller

I was always "called".  Looking back over my life, there was no mistaking it, even if I didn't want it to be so at times.  But I think that's the way it is with most people.  We long to be in control of the things that we truly can't control.  We long to be able to possess and wield power, at whim, at will, with little to no consequences.  But there are consequences.  Mostly, it is a negative consequence to the self.  Every instance of self-denial for what we are called to do is a flush of would what have been blessings down the cosmic toilet. 


"We are our own worst enemy."  This adage is undeniably true.  For years, I fought against my proclivity for writing literature, hoping that my love of reading it, listening to it, watching it, and even daydreaming about it would be enough to quell the divine calling.  It wasn't.  I'm quite sure, in fact, that heaven created its own special laugh track just for me.  My life, you see, is one long production of a comedy of errors.

What I will say is this: the path of least resistance, when given from above is the path of fulfillment.  No, I didn't promise you rest, for a calling is work.  But there's work and then there's work.  Of the things you can control, why not choose your calling?