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Kortney Y. Watkins

Far from the Firmament

The journey to beyond is a few wor(l)ds away...

All My Stories

All My Stories

A Scribe at Your Service

Hi, I'm Kortney!
Welcome to the beyond...  

A lot of people ask me if I'm a writer or an author.  The answer is yes and yes.  But actually, I'm so much more!  In addition to those things, I'm a poet, a storyteller, and a scribe (check out my blog for more on what is scribe is).  Being who I am, doing what I do is a calling.  It is not something that I treat lightly, nor is it something that I do for fun.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is a joy in what I do.  But there is also pain, sadness, fatigue.  This is because creatives intimately feel all of the varied emotions of their subjects, their characters.  As our characters experience whatever they will, the scribes, the storytellers, the writers, the creatives, we experience it right with them.  Being a bridge builder from their world to yours, it is my earnest prayer that you experience these things deeply and intimately, too.  For how creation-kind improves for the better is to learn and love from others.

Yours in writing,



My Podcast Is Coming Soon.

Image by Benjamin Voros

What the heck is a "firmament"?

This podcast will delve into the concept of a firmament and why I feel it's high time that creation-kind learn to exist well beyond it.

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